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> "gulf Of Tonkin-like" Incident Possible
Posted: May 31 2017, 06:38 AM
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l33t One

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The International Business Times is reporting that a 3rd aircraft carrier-led strike group is being sent to North Korea. According to the article the USS Nimitz will join the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan which are already in the region. "That’s very provocative,” said Retired UOG professor and former CIA analyst Dr. Michael Stoil adding "If I were the North Koreans, I would assume that this is preparation for at least an air assault. You simply, there is no need to send that many carriers into the area to deal with the North Korean potential action unless we are going to take offensive action. And that’s how the North Koreans will view it.”

Dr. Stoil believes that there's a better chance that President Trump will launch an attack on North Korea than there is that North Korea will launch an attack on the U.S. "Well this is an individual of tremendous unpredictability but the truth is he is desperately looking for a distraction from the difficulties that he is having domestically. The investigations into his campaign staff’s relationships with Russia his failure really to accomplish much of anything other than approval of his Supreme Court nominee during his first several months of president and just declining popularity. It’s an old trick that people use to essentially start a foreign intervention as a means of distracting people from their domestic woes,” said Dr. Stoil.

The former CIA analyst and political science professor says the situation is ripe for a Gulf of Tonkin-like incident. The Gulf of Tonkin incident launched the Vietnam War. In that incident U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson alleged that U.S. destroyers were fired upon by North Vietnamese torpedo boats while in the Gulf of Tonkin. Years later declassified documents showed that President Johnson and his advisers misled Congress and lied about the incident. “You could get a North Korean decide that a U.S. ship has crossed into their territorial waters and open fire. You can get the United States claiming that a North Korean ship has done this, I just keep thinking in my youth of the tens of thousands of Americans and the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who died largely because we now know the U.S. military made-up literally fabricated an incident in which the USS Maddox was fired upon by North Vietnamese torpedo ships. I certainly hope that we're not going to see that again and see it with a nuclear adversary," said Dr. Stoil.

The Korea Times is reporting that North Korea is accusing the United States of flying a formation of B-1B strategic bombers from Guam over Korea on Monday to stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill. The Korean Times is citing a report on Tuesday out of Pyongyang's state news agency called the Korean Central News Agency. According to this report the B-1B bombers were joined by warplanes from the USS Carl Vinson.

"When you're dealing with an enraged scorpion probably the smartest thing to do is not stick your toe out and take off your sock and put it near the scorpion that's pretty much what we've done,” says Dr. Stoil.

Dr. Stoil is still hopeful as he says that if North Korea were to give some form of concession it would give President Trump a way out of this military stare-down.

Yes, I know the grammar isn't that great. :v The article is a transcription of a television interview that aired here locally a couple hours ago. ...So I guess WWIII might actually happen, maybe?

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Posted: Jun 2 2017, 03:12 PM
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Nah. We'll just take over North Korea.
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Posted: Jun 3 2017, 04:55 AM
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QUOTE (Skulkraken @ May 31 2017, 04:38 AM)
Yes, I know the grammar isn't that great. :v  The article is a transcription of a television interview that aired here locally a couple hours ago.  ...So I guess WWIII might actually happen, maybe?
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Posted: Jun 3 2017, 01:23 PM
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Militant Warrior for Intelligence

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QUOTE (S1arburst @ Jun 2 2017, 03:12 PM)
Nah. We'll just take over North Korea.

China may have something to say about that, plus there's several batteries of howitzers pointed at Seoul. Might want to think about that for a while.
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Mamma Peach
Posted: Jun 5 2017, 09:32 AM
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Not WWIII, Isis is closer to that being a world wide threat, but a real big mess in one respect, a tiny one in another. Russia's not in on the deal (like it was when we first subdivided Korea, what were we thinking!) but yes there are political implications. China might just let that little pain-in-the-side go, but getting to the root of the problem and yanking it out won't be easy. Their "glorious leader" is well protected and has a cult following. Just bombing the place into surrender won't work, and going in with troops will be costly.
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