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> Favorite Video Games, Their Genres, And Why, Share your favorite video games
  Posted: Apr 20 2014, 04:45 AM
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Here are mine biggrin.gif

Quake 3 Arena/FPS/PC - An amazing FPS game, that is based on the players skill (not OP weapons) Singleplayer isn't bad , but it was built for Online. Ive put hundreds of hours into it, still playing it, and regret nothing. If any of u play it i recommend CPMA (Challenge Pro Mode Arena)

MGS 3:Snake Eater/TEA/PS2 - An all out amazing game, (I hear that 2 is better but i put SE because it's the game i grew up with) Its does stealth perfectly, the story is actually quite lengthy , but that depends if you play it on easy or The Boss Extreme. (BTW , TEA stands for Tactical Espionage Action... just i case some of u didn't know)

Tony Hawks/PS3 - This is a type of game you just have to play to experience it all of them in fact from THPS to THAW ...

Here are some more:

This post is getting too long so i will just list some old & new games:

Neverwinter Nights
APB Reloaded
EverQuest II
Star Wars Battle Front II
Eve online
Dark Souls
Mortal Online
The Elder Scrolls series
The Halo series
The Mount&Blade series
The Pokemon series

And many many more, but don't worry i will save your sanity and not list anymore laugh.gif
Peace Out ~SabertoothSnail666
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