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> Favorite Video Games, Their Genres, And Why, Share your favorite video games
Posted: Mar 25 2004, 08:20 PM
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l33t One

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Unreal Tournament 2004! Hell yeah!
Im workin on Final Fantasy X-2
Fianl Fantasy VII = best game ever made
Kingdom Hearts was okay.
I think im Halo obsessed too right now, i cant WAIT until Halo 2 is released. Oh yeah, and Fire Emblem is pretty fskin awsome. Oh crap, i almost forgot, im not real into fighting games but Soul Calibur 2 was pretty cool, and Super Smash Bros. Melee!

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Posted: Mar 27 2004, 05:56 AM
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RPG+FPS+Adventure+Action+God Games

Kingdom Hearts= Brilliant game, made me start to love RPGS.
Deus Ex 2= Mix of both of the great genres, I am in love. smile.gif
Final Fantasy Series= Need I say more?
Dark Chronicle= Great game, lovely storyline, graphics.
Vice City= Lovely action game.
Doom Series= Lovely made me scare my self lots wink.gif
Resident Evil= Comes under the action and adventure category, makes me scared lots, great puzzles. And so on.
Halo= Greatest first person shooter ever. Its just brilliant. wink.gif
The Sims= Great fun, I love all of the games. Brilliant I tells ya's wink.gif

I could go on forever, but thats a summary. wink.gif

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Posted: Mar 29 2004, 12:55 PM
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Final Fantasy 11: My first online RPG ever, and its so good. Also the online community seems to be really friendly.
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Posted: Apr 5 2004, 03:16 PM
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I have thought about this for a while and this is the result:

Chrono Trigger - I never get tired playing this game. It's so much fun, I loved how Square put so many different endings you could have gotten depending on when in the game you beat the boss. My favorite one was where Chrono talked, never expected it.

Chrono Cross - What can I say, the game was simply amazing. The music is phenomenal as is the story. A must play for everyone, even if you hate RPG's.

Tales of Phantasia - I waited so long to play this game, and once I did I realised that it was worth the wait. The story, music, and dialogue was incredible. It's a pity that the original was never released in North America.

Star Ocean - Another game that I waited forever to play. I have not gotten very far however I'm loving it so far.

Final Fantasy 7 - I believe that this is the first RPG I have ever played. My cousin brought it over once when I was young, I had no clue what I was doing but I remember it being fun. I can't forget this game ever.

Legend of Zelda - One of the best games ever. Ocarina of Time was the best in my opinion.

Harvest Moon Series - Farming = good time.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - I lost so much of life playing this game. The enviroments are totally interactive and not to mention beautiful. Just look at the sky at night, simply awesome.

Disgaea: The Hour of Darkness - I'm still playing this game through as of now, and I don't think that I'm going to stop. The battle system is original, the characters are well thought out, the story is cool, and best of all teh funny never stops.

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Posted: Apr 5 2004, 10:25 PM
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Alright... time to get to work.
Old School Side Scroller...
That would have to be Streets of Rage 2. The first one was fun but that cop driving in and doing his own thing really took away from the whole grungey street fighting feel of the game. 2 was better in my opinion. The story was also pretty bad ass. I mean come on... one beefed up street punk who has a killer uppercut, an oversized wrestler whose signature move was the "mule kick", hot chick in a tiny skirt (not to mention that it was RED!), and a little bastard on skates that used dance moves and whose signature move was known as the "migraine". Nothing I have seen beats that in this genre.
Car Racing
I made this one more specific because obviously a motocross game is very differeny from a le mans game.... Either way, Gran Turismo and all its sequels take this one! Gran Turismo, received it as a Christmas present. It was the first and only time that someone wised up and gave me a video game for a gift... friggin moron family of mine. But I got that game in 99 I believe (not certain, bad memory) and for the next 5 months I played that game every waking hour of every day. If I wasnt eating, sleeping, or at school (which I slacked off on because of my love of this game) , then I was playing this game. No joke. I love this game! Not only was it a flat out badass game and a very refreshing wake up call to the racing lovers of the world, but it was the first racing game I played that let me race in my favorite car, the Dodge Viper!!! After that one came GT2 and I played that one religiously for 3 months. I still play it from time to time just to remember what the game used to be like. GT3 was a let-down for me. But I cant really expect all that much from a game that wasnt supposed to be anything but a demo originally. Needless to say, I cant wait for GT4.
Aircraft Flying/Combat Simulator
Alright, this one came out for the PSX at first, same as Gran Turismo. This one is the Air Combat/Ace Combat series. Air Combat was originally released for PSX and was the billy bad ass of flying-around-blowing-shit-up-and-doing-risky-but-awesome-maneuvers kind of games. Originally allowing only 12 or 14 (cant remember exactly, bad memory is back) planes to be owned at any time, it was still awesome! You performed the same varieties of missions as you do in the most recent releases. Everything from escort, to head-to-head dog-fighting, to long-range recon. And the variety of aircraft you could own was magnificent! You name it, and you could own it! Every Ace Combat game that followed had all the same attributes that I loved about their predecessors. Lots of planes, lots of missions, and generally awesome stories/plots, whatever you wanna call em. The best of course being Ace Combat 4! That is the absolute best flying game I have ever played, but I wanted those that contributed to its creation not to be overlooked.
Single/Multiplayer RPG
This one has been a favorite of mine since its release with the Xbox and I have played it religiously since. This game is HALO! In my mind, there isnt an RPG "alive" that has Halo beat. It has the most bad ass story line I have ever known. The gameplay is very challenging. And you definitely feel as though you have accomplished something when you beat it on legendary. Another attribute about this game that I love is that you can play the whole game through with a friend and the game is the same. It is still just as hard, just now you and a friend are actually a team. Your team isnt versing more creatures though, so its not like having your friend with you is going to hinder you. I love it! Another great thing is the games Multiplayer (Non-Campaign) attributes. Head-to-head gameplay is a major factor in this games playability. With the ability to change most aspects of the match it is easy to keep this game new and challenging. And the fact that there are four controller ports on each Xbox definitely helps add to the playability of this game. That and the fact that you can link for Xboxs together to make a 16 PERSON MATCH!!! That is down-right amazing! And you dont need a whole shit load of computers and junk to do it either. Just 4 Xboxs, four controllers for each, and four copies of Halo. Get yourselves some TVs and you are good to go! That is amazing! Hoo-rah LAN PARTIES!!! All-together, this game takes the cake as the most bad ass game all around that I have ever seen, heard of, or played in my entire life! Plenty of "Kudos" to Microsoft and Bungie for making my dreams come true. Now for the mini-bus full of skantily-clad cheerleaders....
Mecha Genre
I am a very large fan of two different games in this genre. One is and has to be Armored Core. The pure customization of your Core makes it so that hardly anyone has the same set up as another. That means that everyone you verse is unique. That is awesome! The story line has been fairly unchanged since the first one. That leaves something to be desired, but the fact that the Arena and the missions can be done simulatenously is definitely a feature that keeps me coming back. However, recently I have tapped into Mechassault for Xbox. This game is amazing, too! Especially in the area of multiplayer gameplay. Online is a very large crowd of gamers who love mechs as much as me and all of em want to kill! Always refreshing. The single-player has a good story, and some great gameplay. However, I felt it lacked luster. There was just a sense within me that the storyline lacked something. When it comes to picking my favorite I have decide what is better, playing alone, or with friends online. When it comes to that decision, I pick online. Therefore, the winner is Mechassault for the Xbox. Another victory for Microsoft!
First Person Shooter
Alright, this genre is one that I have the most experience with. I have played game after game for all sorts of platforms. Computer, Xbox, PSX, PS2, ha ha even Gameboy Advance. Of all the games I have seen, excluding Halo as it won another genre, I would have to say I am a fairly large fan of the Ghost Recon series. The latest one for PS2 is a joke. Great game, but bad system for it to be released on. PS2 is not a good console for that game, just fine for Final Fantasy, not Ghost Recon. I have played all of the Raindow Six games, most of which I have played Rogue Spear. I still play that one for PC. Online and offline, mostly online though. With that in mind, I was able to see all that went into Ghost Recon to make it what it has become. And witnessing all those beautiful shooters, I can see all of the things I loved about those games in Ghost Recon. From refined team-movement commands and the ability to make them do exactly what I want, to the beautiful weapons that are enabled for me to use so that I can complete the mission to the best of my ability. With all this in mind, I will be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the next one....

One last thing. The reasons these games have come so far is because they "stood on the shoulders of giants".

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  Posted: Apr 8 2004, 04:46 PM
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MY Farvorite game is ffx because u can kill monters and do magic and summond monters ph34r.gif
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Posted: Apr 9 2004, 05:33 AM
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Sonic The Hedgehog - It came with my Megadrive, and it's just amazing anyway. I know Sonic 3 & Knuckles is probably better, but the original is still more important to me.

Phantasy Star IV - The best 16 bit RPG. Some of the best graphics in a Megadrive game, and brilliant story.

NiGHTS Into Dreams - Want sequel now. Amazing game.

Doom - Probably the best FPS ever. If only for the shotgun.

Rez - I should stop listing Sega games, but its just an experience. I really must try and get 100% on Direct Assault sometime. (I may know the whole truth, but I'm still confused by it all.)

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Just brilliant.

Project Gotham Racing 2 - Possibley the best racing game.
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Posted: Apr 9 2004, 07:19 AM
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Deus Ex (pc): Enough has been said already wink.gif
Fallout 1 & 2 (pc): Agreed best RPG's made ever.
System Shock 2 (pc): Creepy ph34r.gif good stuff.
Max Payne (pc): Excelent atmosphere, bullet time was still new then.
Hitman 1 & 2 (pc): Especially the urban levels were really good.
Diablo II (pc): Hack and Slash fun.
The Noman Soul (pc): One of the most strangest games I ever played.
Blade Runner (pc): Amazing game.
Myst (pc): Point and click, I really liked the style of the game.
Bionic Commando (gb): My favorite side srcoller on a handheld of all times.
FF:VIII (pc): First FF I ever played and only untill now, have FF 1 to 6 somewhere on a disc, just don't have the time mad.gif
Doom I & II (pc): A classic.
Duke Nukem 3D (pc): A classic, like Doom.
C&C Gold (pc): First RTS I played, godfather of them all.
Lemmings (pc): Who can't remember them laugh.gif
Terra Nova (pc): BEen so long since I played it, can't remember exactly why, but I really liked it.

Not particularly good, but still my personal favorites;
Oni (pc): Kicking ass feels good wink.gif
Shogo: MAD (pc): Good story line (imo) and Mecha's are cool.

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Posted: Apr 9 2004, 08:40 AM
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l33t One

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I'll add in my list slowly, because for me, there are simply just too many.

Super Mario Bros (NES, Arcade/Scroll) - One of first games I ever played. It may not be most graphically appealing, it may not be very complicated in plot and storyline, but it's the only game I played enough to finish under 10 minutes. One of finest arcade games I ever played. Most played game.

Sonic 3 + Knuckles (Sega/PC, Arcade/Scroll) - I know it is a Sega game, but I could only find it easily on a PC, as one of those collector's disks. The game itself is very fast paced, nothing like Mario. I enjoyed it greatly, as I just breeze through the areas, listening to the superb background music and sweet animations to go with it. Not much plot either, but an arcade game need no story to be fun. Fastest game.

Neverwinter Nights (PC, D&D RPG) - One of best RPGs I ever played. Haven't touched the exapansions yet, but I'll get to them slowly. Excellent because of its beautiful engine, and its style of execution. It does get boring once in a while, but in most cases it's a flawless game. Slow is the only criticism I can give to this game. Most customisable game.

Diablo 1 (PC, RPG) - Whenever I watched my cousin playing this game when I was a little boy, it genuinly scared me. Really, really scared me. It wasn't the items and such that grabbed me: it was the atmosphere. A true meaning of gothic horror RPG, I still remember myself staring at the screen, hoping Diablo died before I did. The contrast of colours, the errie music, the monsters... Best theme game.

Diablo 2 (PC, RPG) - I still play this game. In fact, I love this game, both the original and the expansion. Got them both on release dates. Played so much that the original play disk now has a thin groove at the top, proving my 200+ hours of play and my lack of care of CDs back when I was a kid. I'm not exactly sure what Blizzard did to this game, because in every perspective there are games far better incoporate the ideas of collecting items, storyline, player character customisation, but it's got that some icing on the top of this cake that pulls everyone in to play. Most addictive game.

Deus Ex (PC, FPS/RPG) - Thoughly enjoyed, and stated many times in this thread. You know what to expect: a fine storyline, excellent character interaction, multiple ways to finish the game... It's one of those games that allows you to have a freedom in the game yet enjoy the series of events that follow it. There aren't many games that reach this level of gameplay. Best gameplay.

Anachronox (PC, RPG/Puzzle/Arcade) - Not many has played this game. Afterall, it's one of those rare games that are underhyped. The fact is though, it's the game that started the machinima craze. It's the game with funniest storyline I ever encountered, yet also one of most serious ones. It's a very addictive, humourous, puzzling game, and I recommend it to anyone. Most humourous/hillarious.

That's it for now, will edit it continuously to add in more of my favouritest games of all time.
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Posted: Apr 10 2004, 05:20 PM
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Gah, I can't name all the games I've enjoyed the most so far, so I'll go with the few I can remember easily.

Shenmue - DC/XB - The very top of my list. Has got to be one of the best (if not THE best) game of all time. If you have never played it or even heard of it go kill yourself, you don't deserve to breathe! Amazing and in-depth story, amazing graphics (particularly on the Dreamcast), amazing gameplay, everything. If you think it sucks, well... like I said, you don't deserve to live.

All Sonic games - SMS/MD/GG/MCD/SS/DC/...phew - Though recently it's starting to suck, mainly on the GBA, I hated SA(-dvance)2. Though I loved SA(-dventure)2 on the DC - most people apparently didn't?

All Command & Conquer games - PC (none of that SS/PS crap, it should be played with a MOUSE!) - Can't stop rocking, Westwood rules. I didn't like Generals' interface, they broke the C&C tradition. I love my nukes. hehe

Unreal Tournament 2003, Quake 3 Arena, Counter-strike - PC PC PC - I put all these in the same class. Fun to play with a lot of people, get boring FAST in any single-player modes. By the way, I hated HALO, so yeah flame me fanboys.

Rez - DC - Yes, I have played it only recently and very sorry for that, it's an awesome game! I love area 5.

Max Payne - PC (only; I hate shooters on consoles) - Revolutionary in its own style. Excellent graphics, great action. The story is compelling, something few games (IMHO) actually succeed in.

Aquanox - PC - Yet another game that got barely any focus. Give it a chance, the story's pretty good!

Oni - also PC - Aside from bad (should I say simple?) graphics, the gameplay is A+. The story is also pretty good. I value a good story a lot.


meh, can't think of any more. wacko.gif

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Lightning Paladin
Posted: Apr 10 2004, 06:05 PM
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Well, you dont really have to think to know my favorite game. Why, you ask? It has guns, swords, shinys, babes, and the uberness of Vincent Valentine and Sephiroth. That's pretty much the answer you would get from any FF7 fan.

Gundam-Encounters in Space- Action, PS2- The best Gundam game ever. with almost every MS from the One Year War, better controls than FvZ, and countless clipscenes for the fanboys to drool over, what's not to like (if your a Gundam fan). Of cource, like Morgan Webb said in X-Play, "If you dont have a PhD in Gundamology, you wont understand the first clipscene."

Metal Gear Solid- Action, PS1- Well, everyone knows why this game is awesome. All i wish to put down is that Ninja is bad455, cardboard boxes are fun, and I love C-4 *GAHSPOOG*.
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Posted: Apr 10 2004, 09:41 PM
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I play the game called Tibia. There really is no storyline but when I first started playing it it was great. But now It's gone down hill ever since you got those people who just want to kill other people because they can and ruin the game for those weaker than them. But Tibia is still a great beginning to the RPG World. I was addicted to it for 5 years! After I got tired of people hacking my accounts I quit and started playing others. But I truly believe that Tibiai is a great beginners guide to RPG strategy and controls. I recommend it.

PS. I suggest getting into a non-pvp world. less hassle. And also wait until night to play because that is when there are less people on. (Each world has a 800 person limit unless you get a premium account) good luck.
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Posted: Apr 11 2004, 07:18 PM
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METAL GEAR SOLID (and sequels)PS1,etc; first person shooter: I friggin love this series. I'm sorry to say i was late to playing this series cause im more into the horror survival stuff, but a friend recently let me this..wow. There is so much in this game that makes me want to go out and buy my own (preferably twin snakes where the characters acually have eyes now.. sleep.gif ) Not only is the game play innovating, exciting, frustratingly fun, there lots of humour and goodies along the way. Not to mention a good story line. At the end of MGS2 I was like "WTF?" when Otacon told snake about the Patriots. You know what i mean...
Snake f*cking rules! I cant wait for three but...is that really snake? <dun dun duuuun.>

Silent Hill series (ps1 and 2); first person shooter: I love scary games. I like it when I stay awake at night because im afraid of going to Dark Laredo (my town). If a game does that to u, then it must be good. I cant say much for the 2nd but the others were good. I just cant seem to pass the 3rd one. wacko.gif I gave up on fighting the memory of Alessa (sp). No ammo. sad.gif

Yoshi's Island (snes, gba) adventure?: This game is just cute. It's fun and colorful. Im a sucker for "perdy things".

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Posted: Apr 13 2004, 08:35 AM
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Far Cry
Jedi Knight Outcast
Grandia 2
Warcraft 3
Silent Hill 3
Deus Ex 1&2
Max Payne 1&2 (matrixed reality and kung fu3 mods)
Hitman 1&2
Splinter Cell 1&2 and multi-player
Commandos 1&2
MSG 1&2
Final Fantasy 7&8

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Posted: Apr 14 2004, 10:29 AM
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Chrono Trigger for the SNES --- RPG --- One of the greatest RPG's ever made. Innovative story along with an unprecedented 14 endingsa long with many, many inserted references to common knowledge. What more could a guy want?

Grandia II for the Dreamcast --- RPG --- Maybe better graphics? This game has an enthralling story that battles the common beliefs of all deity-fearing peoples and has some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

SSBM for the GameCube --- Fighter --- Not a conventional game but I still can't put it down. I love watching Mario kick the crap out of everyone over, and over, and over again! Just the way it should be.

I have a few more but for lack of time I must go...
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Posted: Apr 15 2004, 02:54 AM
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The Big Bad I Said No

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Can't believe I haven't noticed this thread before..

Baldur's Gate Trilogy; PC, RPG (a proper RPG, not an Interactive Storybook):
In my opinion the greatest game (or series) ever made. The story might not have been the most original, but the interaction between the characters and the way you could affect things was amazing.

Civilisation 2 & 3; PC, Strategy:
If it wasn't for Baldur's Gate, Civilisation would be the greatest game ever made. I can literally lose a day without noticing by playing this game.

Elite / Frontier / First Encounters; BBC / Amiga / PC, Space Shooter / Trading:
If it wasn't for BG & Civ then these would be the greatest games of all time. I've lost years of my life playing these games; trading and murdering my way across the universe in order to get the "Right On Commander!" messages that lead to ELITE status.

Knights of the Old Republic; PC, RPG:
The greatest Star Wars game ever made. For basically the same reasons as the Baldur's Gate trilogy.

Warcraft Trilogy; PC, RTS:
Every single version of Warcraft has been better than its contempory Command & Conquer rival. The storyline is fantastic, the game mechanics are perfectly balanced, and, well, each one was actually fun to play. Besides, the Orcs sound cute ("Squirble", "Lodar", "Work work").

Silent Hill 1 & 3; PS/PS2, Action Adventure:
The best survival horror games available, and genuinely scary.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1; SEGA Master System (the one before the Megadrive / Genesis), Platform:
My favourite platform game of all time. Green Hill has probably the most enjoyable hum-along music I've ever encountered, and Green Hill Zone 1 could be played over and over again as a time trial (I managed 19 seconds).

Quest for Glory 1-4 (not 5); Amiga / PC, RPG / Adventure:
A curious mix of adventure game (a proper adventure, not the action adventures you get these days) and RPG. Properly the most involving games I've ever played.

Realms of Arkania Trilogy; Amiga / PC, RPG:
Based on the German P&P RPG Das Swartze Auge (The Black Eye) and composed of "Blade of Destiny", "Star Trail", and "Shadows Over Riva". Your party travels whole countries in search of special artefacts; probably the most indepth RPG I've played with even things like diseases being modelled. Unbelievably atmospheric in places as well (helped by the excellent music).
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Posted: Apr 15 2004, 11:08 PM
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Where to begin, where to begin. . .

.hack// series
Kingdom Hearts
Inuasha Fighting game
Tenchi Muyo Tactics (this one is an emulator that I picked up)
Ranma 1/2 Nibbounouchi
DBZ Budokai 2
Never Winter Nights (I have the game, but my CPUs can't support it, so it is unused boohoo)
Wild Arms 3 (Great Graphics)
Parrappa The Rapper (1&2, and UnJamma Lammy)
and many more that I can't remember right now, but mainly RPG's
Posted: Apr 17 2004, 03:59 PM
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Joined: 17-April 04

i'm not very good at putting things into genre's so i'm not going to, besides, my favourite games have probably already been posted.
My all time favourite game, (for the N64 at least) is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. I've finished that game literally over ten times and i still haven't lost interest in it. I suppose my next favourite game would be KotoR and morrowind(the one for X-box).
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  Posted: Apr 19 2004, 05:53 PM
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Quake 1 First played this on my P133 Laptop, Had the largest Quake Clan for a while. Loved that game, used to run it in a window (640x480) while runnign winamp and ICQ. God those were good times, I remember my first 56k, and how much my ping dropped :D
Quake 2 Multiplayer lacked something, but I really enjoyed the single player, and greatly appreciated the increased difficulty found when turning the skill level up.
Quake 3 Lack of singleplayer hurt a lot, but quickly made up for it with incredible multiplayer, a more stable engine, and better network engine.
Unreal This game was just fun, and creepy, Singleplayer may have been the best for a FPS. Multiplayer lacked somewhat, though the level design was top notch and the weapons rocked, it was just a little to early requirements wise.
Unreal Tournament This game changed my sleeping habits, many many large LAN parties at my residence revolved around this.
Unreal Tournament 2003 See above :)
Starcraft Best RTS for replay value, we still play this extensively, and into the wee hours of mid-day :D
Warcraft 2 Preferred to Starcraft, but due to the older interface, and general repetitiveness, this game has fallen by the wayside.
Never Winter Nights This game changed how i looked at BioWare, the game was clean, the singleplayer incredible, and most importantly, it was more addictive than Black Black and Bawls.
Baldurs Gate Just a really fun, very long RPG.
Baldurs Gate 2 Not as long as BG, but much improvement to engine stabilty and multiplayer support, no more mass crashing.
Dungeon Siege This game was phenomenal, loved the gameplay and the multiplayer could not be beat, incredible level design, the ability to seperate your party and also massive game world.
Dungeon Siege - Legend of Arrana Just a nifty expansion for the above, not adding anything worth having in particular, but adding yet another Game World :D
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear and EXP's Most played tactical shooter in my house, and it's played alot, especially since black thorn was released, though limited levels, the most stable engine build for this series and incredible improvements in the network engine.
Rainbow Six RavenShield The current chapter in the RS universe, kick ass engine, networking, levels, and weapons. With improved AI and more accurately portrayed damage and weapons accuracy, ravenshield quickly became our favorite tacticle shooter, it's played extensively at our lan parties :D
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Posted: Apr 20 2004, 07:37 AM
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FPS: I would definately have to go all the way back to Wolfenstein 3D, to me, nothing even comes close besides the original Doom.

RPG: While we all know about the greatness of Final Fantasys and Dragon Quest/Warriors, I tend to have to go with Xenogears, to me there was no better story......even though Disc 2 sucked.

RTS: The orginal Command and Conquer released by Westwood in 1995. Next would have to be Starcraft, simply an incredible game.

Action/Adventure: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Link to the Past right behind.

Side-Scroller: Anyone ever heard of River City Ransom?

Multiplayer: The original Diablo, man that was fun times duping items for people who didnt know how.

MMORPG: While some hate it, I loved Dark Age of Camelot, pure fun, especially if youre the underdog realm on your server.
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Posted: Apr 20 2004, 09:31 PM
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Favorite Genres, favorite games, lets see...

RPG - There seems to be a point to these games, and I'm just a sucker for stories.

Sports - Any sports game where you actually run the team I'll play, because I got it like that.

I might as well up and say it, if it has RPG elements, I'll play it, with several exceptions.

And as for games...

FFVI - Final Fantasy really peaked here I think. Best music, best story, coolest characters (Locke is awesome). It just kicks the ass of any other FF game out there.

Xenosaga - As with movies, I love the games that make ya think, and this game does it. Huge story, creepy villain, sexy android, you just can't really go wrong, except maybe the gameplay gets kind of dull after several hours. But the story has got to be the best I've ever seen.

Chrono Trigger - Awesome, brings back the memories of my childhood when staying up until 4 in the morning had no meaning to me whatsoever.

TIE Fighter - Best of all those X-Wing/X-Wing vs TIE Fighter games.

Civilization III - Nice game to go back and play every once in a while, don't really have to "get back into it" to enjoy it.

SSX3 - You can just pick it up and play it, and that's is such a convenience when you've grown tired of every game you own.

There are more, but it doesn't matter, those are the important ones.
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  Posted: Apr 21 2004, 09:09 AM
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I have three favorite video/computer games, and here they are:

3. Final Fantasy IX- (RPG, PlayStation) I love this game because it is one of the few really addictive RPGs, plus it has the added bonus of being chibi! I have the attention span of a hunk of cheese attached to the underbelly of a Sherman tank in the Ukraine (yeah, I know that doesn't make sense, but who really cares?), and finding a good RPG that can keep me interested, and a really good one at that, was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

2. Pokemon Gold- (RPG, Gameboy Color) This game is something of an anomoly, since it's an RPG and all, but I like it. In fact, I bought my Gameboy Color just so I could play Pokemon Gold. The goal of the game, obviously, is to "catch 'em all." However, I have fun just battling with my Quilava, Buddy Holly (level 42, last time I checked). The roleplaying elements of Pokemon Gold sort of take a bit of the fun out of the game, as the dialogue is stupid and I usually just end up pressing the "A" button fifty times a second just trying to make it go away, but the other parts of the game more than make up for it.

1. Microsoft Pinball- (Arcade, PC) I've been playing MS Pinball for a little over half a year now, and I find it more addictive than Niccowater. Beating my original high score from just the first day I was playing (254,000) was not hard to beat, but my high score from my third day of playing (5,455,000) has been a bit harder to surpass. I recently broke my record by breaking six million (6,122,000, to be exact), and I've never been more proud of myself, even when I was able to stay awake for eleven consecutive days without the aid of coffee. Of course, that was back before I got addicted to stimulants, particularly caffeine, niccotine, and chocolate. Anyway, back to the game. I say it rocks, because I'm good at it, and it constantly sets new goals for me to achieve when I've watched all my Hellsing, I've finished reading my copy of "Jing: King of Bandits, Volume 1" again, and my dad's best friend still has my copies of "Planet of the Apes (Wahlberg remake)", "Spaceballs", and "Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones" that he's had for more than two months. Incidentally, I don't play a lot of games, but I love this one.

So, these are my top three favorites of all time. Go play 'em!
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Posted: Apr 22 2004, 02:22 AM
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biggrin.gif I love fighitng games, 2D games especailly,, why pick them over other genres? because it is SIMPLE and FUN:D
my fave fighting games are (not in order):

Samurai Showdown 4 - not the best of the series, but definitly a GREAT biggrin.gif title, not the best in gfx either, but who cares! 2D gaming was never this great
KOF'98 - Great gameplay, but bcuz, KOF RULZ, simple as that...
StreetFighter3-3rdStrike - THE Street Fighter game to ply, endless fun!
Last Blade2 - This game ownz, nothing better that pitting up samurai's against each other, Amano = GREATNESS
Project Justice - the ONLY 3D fighter i ever really liked, great gameplay, great chars, great story...
Street Fighter Zero 2 - I "LEARNED" how to really "Play" fighitng games here, my first 20 hit combo with Ken was a memorable experience
Pocket Fighter-PLAY THIS GAME A BE AMAZED biggrin.gif
KOF '97-Introduced me to the world of KOF, AWeSOME STORY, Great gfx, cool chars, overall great
Capcom vs. SNK 2-A fighters dream come true...

your prolly wondering why GGXX or MvsC2 isnt in my list, well i prefer basic gameplay, not those "100 hit combo" games which everybody seems to "enjoy", and dont get me started on "GGXX OWNZ ALL 2D FIGHTERS!" topic dry.gif

another genre i LOVE is SHUMPS: (shoot-em-ups), no this iare not FPS games, these are "old-school" games like Strikers1945 or Gunbird, etc...
"These games arent for new new genration of gamers, they cant handle such greatness"
my faves are:
Guwange-This game is AWESOME! believe me
Ikaruga-One of the TOP games for DC, a challenging experience that need recognition
Gunbird2 - VERY FUN game! biggrin.gif
Arashi no Progear-This game rocks, made by capcom, but too bad it wasnt quite known,
Parodius Series- Need i say more, the ULTIMATE Konami game! laugh.gif

and lastly, i like some great games Like:
Castlevania Series - I like ALL the games (except the ones for GBmono), the Belmonts's story never got me tired
Sonic Series - SPEED!
Tales of Phantasia-The only RPG game i really liked and respected, a hidden gem, nobady seems to have taken notice of this great PS1 title sad.gif

...whoa! long post, gotta stop now biggrin.gif
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Posted: Apr 22 2004, 06:16 AM
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These r my fave games I've played:

Final Fantasy 7: RPG: What can I say? This game continues to be my favorite of all time. It had all the things I could think of that make a great game, and somethings I couldn't think of. This game gets a infinite/10 in my book. No other rpg, or game, for that matter, can top it. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

Guilty Gear X2: Fighting: This is the only fighting game i've ever played that I liked. It's most likely my favorite non-rpg game.

Comic Party (PC): Dating sim : Again, what can I say? This game has Aya Hasebe, and that's all it really needs. She's so kawaii.............

Chrono Cross: RPG: This series is great. They had a good idea by making more than one ending, and the soundtrack was absolutely stunning, on par with FF music.

Kingdom Hearts: RPG?: This one was really great, and i can't wait for the next one.

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Posted: Apr 23 2004, 08:56 PM
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Halo:First Person Shooter The graphics in this game were astonishing, the deatail and everything! This is one game that never gets boring, It is so original!

Kingdom Hearts:RPG I love the story, it always keeps u guessing, and the art in this game is quite interesting

.Hack Infection-Quarintine:RPG I really like the battle system, nothing i have encountered before I could play this game for hours.

silent Hill 3:Survival Horror the graphics in this game really shows what the ps2 can do. The pure horror!
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