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> Gamer's Rules 'n FAQ *READ FIRST.*, Gamer's Rules 'n FAQ *READ FIRST.*
Posted: Jan 18 2038, 09:14 PM
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Post credited to Daiol Mecca, revision 1 by Char. Revision 2 by Cymbaline, with credit to the AMC FAQ & Guideline for inspiration and some direct quotes. wink.gif

  • All FAQ and MT:Central FAQ Rules Apply Here
    Which means no site plugging, no spamming, no trolling, no posting of non-work-safe images, no revival of dead-threads, etc. Please see this link. The Mad Mods thread would also be a necessary read to avoid mod attention / action.

  • GameFAQs
    If you're asking for help on a game, try www.gamefaqs.com or just use Google to search for the game first. If you have done both, to no avail, and are going to make a thread asking for help on a game, make sure you mention that you have tried Google and GameFAQs, otherwise, people will assume you have not.

  • GameSpot
    If you're looking for general information on a game, such as release date, platform, or required system specs, try GameSpot first, or failing that, Google. Remember, the purpose of this forum is discussion; we're not here to do your research for you. To that end, inquiring as to whether or not a given game is good is a valid thread; asking whether or not it will come out soon is not.

  • No Console Wars
    Do not post console / computer or XBox / Gamecube / Playstation 2 comparison threads. They erupt into total flame wars and will be locked.

  • Emulation and Warez
    Don't ask for games, beg for download sites, or anything of that nature. Emulator and private online game server talk is discouraged at best, and will be evaluated - and probably locked - on a case by case basis.

  • Private MMO Servers
    Don't advertise or otherwise link to private MMO servers. Chances are they're illegal, so we want none of that here.

  • No Roleplaying
    Drop by the RP forum if you want to roleplay. Example: "*throws pie at user*"

  • Search
    Search for previous threads before posting a topic, especially if it's related to big-named games such as Final Fantasy. Rehashes of old and frequently seen material will be locked if the poster doesn't have anything new to contribute.

  • Necromancy is Bad
    Check the date on the thread before replying to it. One of the most hated events on this forum is necromancy - the revival of dead threads. If no new posts have been made for a number of days on a thread, it is dead; no one wants to talk about the topic anymore. This is not a hard and fast rule, but generally, a thread that is more than four days old is considered dead. If you have some truly meaningful input to add (not something like, "it sucks!"), then a revival is okay. Past the one or two week point, if you do want to reopen a discussion on an old thread, the best way to do it is to start a new thread with your new angle on the subject, and include a link to the old thread to indicate that you've already read it. If you don't have anything to contribute to an old topic, don't respond to it.

  • Rumors Aren't News
    You may just know that your friend's sister's cousin's boyfriend's mom's lover's son's friend who works for Square-Enix is absolutely and without a doubt a trustworthy source of information, but we don't. Don't create threads based on information from such contacts, and if you do, don't expect us to believe you. Likewise, completely unsubstantiated rumors are not thread-worthy material.

  • Recruit for clans elsewhere
    Invitations for new clan members for whatever game you're playing would be better in signatures, or you might actually have more luck in forums related to that game itself.

  • Online petitons
    They won't work, they are pointless, they should not be posted on these forums.

  • Tell Us What You Think
    If you want to know what we think about this or that game, that's fine, and that's great, but tell us what you think. If you don't have anything to say about the game in question other than that you like it, then don't bother posting. This is a forum for discussion, and the best way to kick off discussion is with your own thoughts.

Following the rules to the letter will likely keep you out of trouble with the mods, but will not necessarily guarantee that you'll go over well with other forum-goers. In order to help you get a feel for the way the forum works, I offer the following suggestions - not rules.
  • Lurk and Learn
    I cannot stress this one enough. There's no better way to get a feel for the forums and what is and is not accepted here than to lurk for awhile. New members that make repeated mistakes and break the rules are not exactly greeted with open arms. New members that do take time to read the rules, lurk, and respond intelligently to topics, on the other hand, are greeted quite warmly.

  • Use Proper English
    To the best of your ability, use clear English; strive for correct spelling and good grammar. This is, perhaps, the second most important point. You will find that people will tend to respond to your writing much more positively when you do. Resist the temptation to post using "fanboy Japanese" (mixing words such as "baka" and "kawaii" in with your English text) as well as leet speak (l337 5p34k). It's not going to impress anyone.

  • Have Thick Skin
    Don't be offended if someone doesn't like your view on Final Fantasy, Dance Dance Revolution, or any game for that matter. In fact, just don't be offended if someone disagrees with you. If you think their attitude has problems, PM a mod.

  • You Don't Know Everything
    It is definitely far from safe to assume (and even less safe to sound like you believe) that you know more about a subject than the rest of the forum; we have some very knowledgeable people here, and superiority isn't a tone that folks are prone to appreciate.

  • Jap is a Racial Slur
    To reiterate something found in the FAQ: "Jap" is a racial slur. Please do not use it, even as an abbreviation for "Japan" or "Japanese."

  • Colored Text is Bad
    Most people find colored text (particularly whole posts in colored text) to be unpleasant to look at, and in some cases it is unreadable. Please avoid using colored text.

  • Use a Meaningful Subject
    When creating a new post, use an informative subject line / title. Too often we get threads with titles like "A question," or "I need help." Please be specific about what you want to talk about; if you don't, you likely won't get many people participating in your thread.

  • Tell Us What You Think
    When creating a new post, state your own opinion. We frequently get posts that do nothing but ask, "What do you think of <topic>?" We would much prefer that you state your own opinion as well as asking for ours; it's more equitable, and gives us a starting point for the discussion. If you don't have enough information to form an opinion, by all means find some before posting.

  • Read the Thread Before Replying
    If you fail to do so, you're likely to say something that has already been said in the thread. This makes you sound like you're more interested in talking than having a conversation, which tends to put people off.

  • Best / worst / favorite (X) Threads Are Bad
    This isn't as absolute as the others, but generally, if your topic is fundamentally asking "What is (the best / the worst / your favorite) (X)," you're going to have to go pretty far afield (within the realm of the forum's subject matter) to hit a thread topic that hasn't already been done. As should be obvious, general subjects such as "favorite game," "best RPG," and "favorite game character" have been done to death. Creating such threads is generally not advisable.

  • Write Out Acronyms
    There are lots of games out there for lots of systems by lots of developers. As a result, it can get very confusing when you see a post with a subject such as, "NPD Q4 PS2 & XB GTA SR." Try to avoid using acronyms in subject lines, and when using them in posts, unless they're terribly obvious, write them out when you first use them (e.g. ...the PlayStation Portable - PSP - was announced...). It helps avoid confusion.

  • Don't Quote Entire Posts
    It's extremely annoying to see another persons's 20 line post quoted in entirety with only the comment, "I agree," or something similar added by the quoter at the end. When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make. You can edit the text in the "Original Post to Quote" box.
Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions have been asked on this board time and time again, and as a result, aren't exactly welcomed by users. If you have new insight on the particular topic or game, then feel free to post, but it's always a good idea to Search first - both here and at Gamespot. I'll try to keep this section updated to cover some of the current questions that keep coming up again and again.
  • Chrono Break
    Unfortunately for you, Chrono Break is dead. There are no plans at Square-Enix for work on a third Chrono installment. We know.

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Posted: Sep 5 2006, 07:27 AM
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REVISION AS OF 9-5-2006:

This is already all over the place, but to reiterate:


If you come across a thread or post that is stupid / does not fit / demands moderator attention, DO NOT REPLY. This only makes our job harder in more ways than one. Send a PM to one of the mods and we will ensure that it is taken care of in the most appropriate fashion.

This is now considered to be a bannable offense, so please refrain from playing mod.

Thank you all very much in advance.
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