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> What Anime Are You Watching This Quarter?, Q1 2017
Posted: Jun 8 2017, 01:13 PM
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I recently watched Kokoro Connect. I thought: it was OK. It was touching at times, and well-done in some ways, but I felt like plot-wise it lacked direction and purpose, lacked a bigger picture, lacked having much of a reason for what was going on. Therefore, watching the show I pretty consistently felt like the show was severely lacking something, and therefore, I didn't enjoy the show as much as I have enjoyed other drama animes that I've watched.

Finished Emma: A Victorian Romance. Good show; about the first half of the 2nd season was, in my opinion, the best/most well-done portion of the series. However, there was an extremely unclear (but pretty minor) plot point in the show. Overall the story-telling could have been a bit clearer in general. But I still thought the show was good overall. Also, I think one of the characters may have made my all-time best girls list (Mrs. Trollope).

Going to pick up some of the other recommendations I have received. I have a lot of shows on hold now. I'm probably going to pick up Nagi No Asukara (only watched a couple episodes), and maybe Symphogear (I've only watched the first season of that, and liked it).

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