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> [disc]: The Current Games On Mt: Rp, Discuss and Pimp your RPs!
Posted: Apr 2 2005, 04:35 PM
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l33t One

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Here is mine, I'm new to the forums, so let me now if I made any mistakes.

First mistake: you don't post your idea here first. You create a [disc/rec] thread for your game, post your idea in there, and then you can pimp it here to attract some interest. This thread is for promoting games, not ideas.

Read this. It was made to help you.

Also, everything that wapa said above applies to your idea:

The most important thing to do when designing an RP, or worldbuilding in general, is to constantly ask yourself questions like "Why?" "How?" and "And then what?". About everything.

You gave an okay amount of information for a threadpimp, but make sure you include much more in your discussion/recruitment thread, obtained by asking yourself those sort of questions. When you do something like this, it's amazing how much you can get - a whole world can be grown from a single phrase. And it only gets better when other people start asking you questions which you haven't thought about, because your gameworld may start going in entirely different directions to what you intended.
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Posted: Apr 2 2005, 09:35 PM
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I'd like to shove my new RP, The Orchestra, into the "pimping ring".

Name: The Orchestra
Genre: Fantasy Warfare
Brief Description:
The Continent is readying itself for war. Not between rival nations, nor for peace, or oil, or money.

The denizens of the Continent are fighting for their very right to live. For they are coming. The Oni have been released by a foolhardy adventurer, seeking power through the Ancient Runes, guarded by the Oni in the darkness of The Well, their resting place in the center of the world.
Our cheesy motto: Welcome to the Orchestra. Which part will you play?

Our discussion thread can be found here: "The Orchestra" Discussion Thread

Chapters : Right now, I'm keeping the name of the first chapter a secret until I get some interest, mostly because I don't want to reveal where the story begins until the story ... actually begins.

Now, for some minute details:

Races: Humans and Oni. The only playable race are humans.

Technological Advances: Steam-powered mechas and tanks, magic-powered mechanicals, early stages of guns. Think Industrial Revolution with a crapload of magic shoved into the mix.

Mood: Cataclysmic. Basically, if this war fails, everyone on the Continent dies to prevent any further attempts to gain the Ancient Runes.

Our Current Status: Non-existent. I've only had one person sign on. Being so, I'm going to hold off on the whole "listing of players" thing, until I can get some more people.

No, I'm not new. I used to post under Psykhanimucha, but too many people were expecting to see the standard "get blown up then rebuilt" kind of character that was played in the [in]famous Psykhanimucha Rikaryu in E-l337's "Megatokyo: Rebirth" campaigns.

Please, look at it, make a character, and have some fun.
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Posted: Apr 4 2005, 04:17 PM
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Here (in spirit).

Group: Active Members
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Well, I finally decided it's time to pimp my RP.

My masterpiece-in-progress I call Made In America

Story Thread: Shoot #1: I was Born in Chicago...
Disc Thread: (click here)
Genre: Cops vs. Mob story, but not so black-and-white.
Story start date: 1/13/05

Active Players (off the top of my head): TracerBullet (me), Ayane, TBA, jimmys-last-stand, Crin the sniper, Murgatroyd, Shinomori No Ookami, Shadowform

Power Level: We are all but human, however, you might be able to have some bullettime-like moments.

Story synopsis thus far (note: may include currently inactive people):

Calvin Maxwell, a.k.a. Tracer Bullet (my character), starts this tale by going to the closed-casket, outdoor (despite heavy rain) funeral of his beloved friend and mentor, Ace. Ace's ex-wife hands him a manilla folder with...something.

Later on, he goes to drink at Murphy's (Shadowform) bar (whatever it's called), and drinks some alcohol along with James King (Sonny, who seems to have vanished into thin air). The bar also later becomes inhabited by an Arab guy (DarkToaster's character, can't remember his name), and Zuka (Kindren, who also seems to have disappeared). Three thugs come in to collect "insurance," but the team subdues them quickly. Calvin gets a tip from one of the collectors about how to find the man behind the "Rico" scam, as he calls it. As Calvin leaves the bar, the Arab guy slips his business card to him without him knowing, expecting a visit later on. Calvin tracks down the low-level mob boss Michael Vincetti and leaves him for the cops to pick up.

Meanwhile, Progressive Party Congressman and presidential candidate Howard Delano Roosevelt, a descendant of FDR himself, flies into O'Hare International, gives a speech, and goes to his hotel for a brief press conference. Afterward, he goes to dinner at a local steakhouse, where his brother Michael joins his table along with a girlfriend HDR didn't know about. HDR seems to be a little concerned that his brother is hiding something.

Elsewhere, police officer Ed Cobb (TBA) talks about his life and helps calm down a domestic abuse case, though not after the husband got killed by a shotgun blast from his wife, not in that order.

After viewing the funeral of Ace, Michelle Wu (Murgatroyd) goes to a party being attended by her employer, Sam Kwan, stopping by her parents' resturant to say hello. While in the resturant, she runs into Paradox (Shinomori), who is trying to blackmail a Russian mafioso. Also attending the party is Finnigan/Deadman (LoF). And Stacy (Kai-sama). The party is disrupted by sniper fire.

In other news, a couple of bums appear near Murphy's bar. Jimmy (jimmy) vaguely remembers being used in some sort of experiment, and has a dog named Snuffy. "The Bum" (Pau-Rou) kills people with pointy sticks for arcade tokens, or something like that.

Back at the bar, David (ThatGuy1079) helps repair a doornob for Murphy and beats up some thugs.

Elsewhere, Aadam (Crin) and a few Russian mobsters are going to war with a whole group of Sicilian mobsters.

At the steakhouse, a mysterious man named Vincent drags Jimmy with him and kills HDR's brother just as the lights mysteriously flicker out in the building. Just before he is shot, Michael tells HDR about something called "Project Infinite Resolve." Vincent escapes in the chaos, but is able to plant the gun on Jimmy before leaving. Jimmy gets arrested by Secret Service agents and is on his way to jail.

Current Status: Moving a little slow, but still quite alive. There is still time for people to join. If anyone needs help getting thrown into the story, just ask me.

(EDIT: fixed synopsis a little)

This post has been edited by TracerBullet on Apr 4 2005, 04:21 PM
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Posted: Apr 19 2005, 02:46 PM
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Group: -Members-
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Joined: 16-April 04

Story Thread: Not Here yet...
Disc Thread: Ages Past
Genre: Futureistic Fantasy
Story start date: Hasn't Happened just yet

Active Players : None yet either...

Power Level: Power Levels vary quite a bit among the races.

The Spliced Race tends to be a bit stronger pysically
Mages Arn't all powerful but do have to shoot fire balls and lightning as well as interact with and minipulate many electronic devices... (Yeah strange... I know)
The basic humans have normal physical strenth depending of course on how much the exersice(Go figure) The rest of the "races" fall into this cateory.

Horses, and bikes Bikes are mostly used for travel as well as Marmas, a large Lizard like beast its slower than a horse but has more endurance.

A brief explanation of the rp Ages Past

Due mostly in part to personal matters The original rp titled "After Earth" died before it could reallly get all that far.
It was know best for its very original take on mages and its interesting plot line.
This would be about the 1st anivesary of the rp (and my leaving the forum). Hopefully this will get going agian and I can repay all the people who actualy wanted to keep the story moving.

This isn't your normal fantasy rp...

At first glance, this seems like a medieval kind of setting no electricity or guns or mechs, but people known as treasure hunters begin to find items like these and they usually sell them to the highest bidders. Because many of these items are so inivative and powerful they are beginning to fall into the hands of the powerful who are trying to gain more power, got that? Wars begin to be fought over good “hunting ground” the world once full of peace is now at the brink of a total world war!
But, (and here’s the zanny twist) this is our future. A future where all we know has been forgotten due to some cataclysmic apocalyptic event. This story really takes place about 5000+ years from now, and the people who survived this horrible time have birthed this new generation.

I'd tell you more but that would ruin it, heck I already said to much...

Curently we are trying to get more members to get this thing off the ground.
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Posted: Apr 28 2005, 10:18 PM
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Joined: 7-October 03

Here's my next bit of Work, which I feel the strange need to pimp:

Arn : Exiled

---------------------|Intro puff|----------------------------

The desert of Marl stretches through the interior of an entire continent, thousands of kilometres in which only the briefest specks of rain ever fall. Parched, hellishly hot in the day, freezing cold after dark…

And yet, rising out of the heat haze is a city, surrounded by lush farmland, thronging with people in defiance of all common sense. Irrigation canals fill the land around it, and at the very centre of the city is a lake. Overshadowing the buildings are gigantic, stone windmills – the only stone structures in this city of brick.

But at night, the city is made stranger still. The plants in the fields, the people, and the few animals all begin to dimly glow. The water shines brightly enough that glass jars of the stuff are used for lighting.

This is because the water, bubbling from the hundreds of hand-sized openings in the mills, is not water at all. It is a magical substitute for water that enables the city to survive in this waterless land. And this unwater vanishes the instant it gets too far from the last of the watermills, at the limits of the farmland…whether or not it’s inside a living thing. Because this is Arn, the great prison-city of the Marjh Empire. The ultimate solution to the problem of too many criminals, and too little space.

There are no guards, there are no walls. There is no need for them.

This is your home.

Who are you? The closest thing it has to the law.

The city, while rough, is by no means in lawless savagery. Most of the prisoners were simply in poverty, stealing to survive. Some of them were political, or deviant, or responsible for horrible accidents. Since nearly all of them are able to make a relatively decent living now, they have no need to break the law.

But some of them are worse. Psychopaths, rapists, kleptomaniacs…the list goes on. And humans being human, there is a need to deal with petty crime as well.

It is here that the bounty hunters, the Dogs, come in. People who supplement or even make their living from hunting down and punishing others. Or taking jobs for one of the city’s many factions, and their squabbles for power.

Punishments vary. Capturing a criminal, a Rabbit, is not so common as destroying or stealing their property, beating, maiming or even killing them, depending on the severity of their crimes. Arn can be a little rough.

Work poorly, and you yourself may play the Rabbit.

Work well, and you may become rich – as rich as an economy based on barter and IOUs allows. You may even get a chance to escape…

If you still want to...


Genre: Manapunk Fantasy (magic is technology), Law Enforcement

Tone: Gritty and dark, especially after the latest few character submissions

Player Power: Mid to high - it's semi-GMed, with great potential for Substance to be injected but a reasonable amount of guidence from yours truly. Players have a great deal of freedom with character and plot creation.

Character Power: Middle to low to begin - it's possible to play characters who are technically more powerful than the others, but this is only by incurring Debts, which limit the character's actual power.

Game Status: Awaiting Launch; three characters have been approved, but a few more are needed before it starts

Joinability: Unlimited. New players may join at any time.

Current Participants:

Have Characters:




Have expressed an Interest to Join:





RPF Reborn
  Posted: May 1 2005, 01:32 AM
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Joined: 5-April 05

Story Thread: Need More People
Disc/Rec Thread: Roots of Crime
Genre: 1920's Mafia
Story Start Date: Need more people, once there are at least 10 people
Tone: Dark, set in Seatle, A lot of Rainy, Dark Nights
Player Power: Medium-High, have control over what happens in Family-Family relations and interactions, GM's have control of Police actions, characters respond to police interaction. Characters also have control over their facilitie such as casinoes and craps games.
Character Power: Dependent on position in a Family
Status: Currently have 2 approved characters with a tentative 3 coming
Joining: Join at any time
GM's: RatPack Fiend and KatanaCowboy777


The 1920's have begun, and the issue of alcohol has taken reign in the United States. The government is overwhelmed by the rising problem. In response they declare a new law, prohibition. They believe that it will overall help the society, but prohibition has opened a door to a new realm of crime- The Mafia.

The story begins after the creation of prohibition and the start of the first generation of organized crime. There are two major families that are up and coming- the Cortivetta Family and the Veneritzi Family. Both families have been taking part in the creation of speakeasies, horse betting, and gambling. The two families have become rivals, and are consumed with competition.

Each person takes a role in either one of the families (mob bosses will be decided later). There are numerous possibilities in each family such as creating a casino, floating craps game, speakeasy, or anything else of the like. As well, one character may decide to double-cross his family, and join the other, or possibly form a family of their own by recruiting other people from either mob, or do anything else that they desire. Yet the families can't expect to be left alone to thrive. They both must deal with the heat, the police have been cracking down more and more since the re-creation of the mafia. As well, they must deal with the other family's competition.

If a family or character do not deal well with the police or are not careful enough with their business, they may get arrested and sent to prison where the story may continue where they can plan an escape or possibly pay off the guards to "accidentally forget to lock one door." Also, someone may need to go to court, and possibly skip prison by winning honestly or paying off the judge. The possibilities are vast.

Useful Information:
~Each family must keep up with the other by creating events to gain them popularity and respect.
~The families must both deal with the police smoothly so as not to be arrested.
~If arrested, the story continues, and the person must find a way out. (Guards and prison characters may be created if needed, and perhaps I will control some people for prisoners to interact with if they get arrested alone.)
~Any realistic mafia-like activity is allowed
~If anyone needs some characters to be created for their plot to work out, I will gladly control one if it is absolutely needed, as long as they don't add up to an unreasonable amount (PM me)
~Any police activity will be added by myself, how others deal with it is their choice.
~Anything may happen to your family, such as hospitalization and things of the like, in which case that character cannot do very much from a hospital room.
~Anything can happen to either family, so be prepared (nothing really stupid though like an Earthquake that kills everyone).
~Money spending can’t be unreasonable, people may borrow money from mob bosses if they need a lot though, such as for paying off judges or prison guards.
~You can have multiple characters as long as you keep up with the posting.

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Posted: May 12 2005, 01:59 PM
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Victory Donut!

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Title: Clique Wars: The Reckoning
Start Date: Sometime within the next two weeks for the DISC and maybe another week after that for the story itself.
Currently Active Players: No one dedicated as of yet.
Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy (Both magic and science exist). These are merely the primary genres, and the RP may expand farther as it goes on.
Mood: Generally fairly serious, but not without the potential for humor (it is, after all, a game based on exaggerated stereotypes).
GM: Kage, but there may eventually be more.
GMing: The GMing will focus on the world itself for the most part. Wars will start, and nations will go through tragedies and windfalls. Your characters will not always be the cause of these happenings (and some things may go completely unnoticed by anyone until your characters stumble upon it). That said, I might interfere directly with the lives of your characters if I feel that it proves necessary.
Who you are: Mercenaries, scientists, mages, blacksmiths, explorers, soldiers… with the exception of overly-powerful characters, you can have whatever occupation you please.
Power Level: Medium-Low. Characters have special abilities based on their race, but most won’t be able to stand against, say, a group of five moderately well-prepared soldiers.
Overview: After the Great Wars laid waste to much of the world several thousand years previous, the human race split into several different sub-species, based on the fact that people tend to associate with those who hold similar interests to their own. The races never seemed to forget the animosities carried over from even before the Great Wars, and several border disputes and wars of attrition were fought for these reasons. Due to this, the world has not been fully re-discovered, and a few brave explorers have gone off in search of a more peaceful existence, but few have ever returned.
Note: This RP does not take place on Earth but in a sort of paralell dimension where the main difference is geography (The histories are even fairly close, but only a few broken bits of historical reference made it through the Great Wars). Just thought I’d let you potential explorers know so you won’t go making assumptions about what you will find.
Transportation: Depending on the race, airships, cars, summoned creatures, mobile colonies, horses, and even running are acceptable forms of long-range transportation.
History of the Game: None (New game)
Current Status: If I get the number of players I want, this is going to be a very large endeavor. As such, I am currently collaborating with other RPers to build the world more completely before launching the DISC thread. The Pre-Disc is up though.

Nerds: Knowledge of Electronics/Cybernetics/Slight Telepathic and Telekinetic ability
Goths: Necromancy/Misc. 'Dark' Magic/Summoning/Offensive Poetry
Dorks: Elemental Magic/Summoning
Jocks: Super strength (think 'the Incredible Hulk')
Hippies: Ability to control their environment/can understand the language of other living things.
Gearheads: Much skill in 'basic' science/Innate ability to fix or jury-rig anything mechanical or electrical
Preps: Innate ability to haggle, barter, and otherwise persuade/Usually rich, resourceful, and cunning

IDEOLOGIES: (Ideologies recruit based on the recruit's ability to understand and act in the name of that ideology)

Monks (Seeking to know all about everything): Innate curiosity/Knowledge on several different subjects/Self mastery (in the form of Ki/Martial Arts)

NOTE: Monks are a ‘locked’ group as of the beginning of the game. This is because no one (save for myself) knows the location of their city, and to become a Monk, your character must prove themselves worthy of it.

The Coalition of Righteousness (Seeking to understand a single deity): Perform defensive 'miracles' (and despise all other metaphysical powers)/Believe that there is only one true ideology, as passed down in a book.

Punks (Seeking to keep the balance): Come to the aid of any race losing a war to keep the balance (hate authority)/Large information network/Good spies and assassins/the best bards in the land.

Please use a spell/grammar-checker. I won’t berate you for innocent mistakes, but if your post makes my head hurt, you will get a warning. If you refuse to listen, I will make a giant dictionary fall from the sky, crushing the life out of your character (exceptions may be made to this rule in extremely unusual circumstances, but I doubt there will be any of those).

No God-modding. I am not above puppet-mastering your character if you do so.

No Deus Ex Machina unless it is exceedingly clever. If you don’t know what that means, look it up.

Please try to make all posts two paragraphs long. If you are in a dialogue and are waiting for another character to reply, don’t be afraid to write a synopsis of what your character is thinking at the time.

I don’t care what person or tense you write in. That said, if you take this to mean you can write in second-person future-tense, you may end up annoying the other players and the GM.

I don’t care if you take control of another person’s character for the sake of establishing a dialogue or some other such. If, however, the other player has a problem with the way you played their character, you will be asked to change the post. If that is not possible, the second party will re-post that part of the story, with changes in bold.

The Golden Rule: Have fun with this. That's what it's here for.


These are the basics. When the Main Disc thread comes up, I will explain in more detail.

This post has been edited by Kage on May 12 2005, 06:56 PM
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Posted: May 14 2005, 10:13 PM
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Did you read much of this thread before posting? The title of the thread is "The Current Games on MT", meaning this is a place to pimp forum games on these boards only. People don't take very kindly to pimping games on other websites, so I don't suggest doing it.

Also, there are little "Edit" and "Delete" buttons on the top right-hand corner of your posts so you can make changes and not have to double post.
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Posted: May 15 2005, 01:20 PM
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l33t One

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Joined: 27-November 03

Heh, I've got one: Poke'Mon RP

If anyone has been in one of my RP's or been one that I've been in then you probably know I'm not a big "planner", and the Poke'Mon world seemed like the perfect setting for my free-form kind of style.

It's pretty fun, actually. There is a loose storyline involving team rocket, and the overall goal for the player is to compete in tournaments and win Gym badges. (Me and Keyo are the GM's and gym leaders)

But other than that you are free to do as you please. Start off with a basic poke'mon and catch some more, rarer, ones. Check it out if you sound interested.
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  Posted: May 17 2005, 05:31 PM
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sorry I just don't like Poke'mon
D&D rox
PMEmail Poster
Falgor the Half Demon
Posted: May 17 2005, 08:36 PM
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Poke'mon sucks... I had to break away from the cutesy stuff and get real. Real strategic that is.

Title: Starcraft: Hybrid War
Genre: Sci-Fi
Currently Joined: Llewin and Shadowform
Technology: Futuristic blow-the-shit-out-of-everything stuff
Who thou art: The Terrans, Protoss, or Zergs, and each team has four, repeat it, FOUR classes to choose from. However, I'm changing that soon, but you'll have to bear with me on that.
GM: Falgor the Half Demon (just Falgor though), and I'm looking for a GOOD GM who'll help, not someone who wants to suck up.

Advice: Choose someone that best suits you. If you are unsure of something, don't be afraid to ask the GM about any of the class explanations. Surely, the GM WILL answer you, if not, the other players will be quick to help, and the GM'll explain more thoroughly.
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Posted: May 18 2005, 03:55 PM
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sorry I just don't like Poke'mon
D&D rox

Poke'mon sucks...

Nobody cares. Keep it clean and stick to your own games (ones that are playable on these boards). That is all.
Posted: May 18 2005, 05:45 PM
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Father of Death

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Now, in the interest of keeping this thread somewhat on-track (and to possibly kill myself in the process), I give you The Terrafel Conflict.

Title: The Terrafel Conflict
Starting Date: Hopefully by the end of the week, if all else fails, by next monday (May 23)
Currently active players: None (several have signed up however)
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy

Who you are: Either an offworlder of the planet Terrafel, or the Inhabitant of the planet

The story thus far: Planet Terrafel, a world of mystery. A newly discovered planet, where things are not as they seem. This world is supposedly underdeveloped, and yet, strange energy emanations that should not exist on the planet's surface radiate from it.

You are either one of those individuals already living on the planet's surface, or those who were unlucky enough to fall to the planet. For on Terrafel, not everything makes sense.

The Inhabitants have access to a strange magic they call "Emblems", and through these emblems, impossible things can occur: jets of water can erupt at the user's command, fireballs fly from their palms, and lightning can crackle at their fingertips. But what is really going on in this world?

Take on the role of your character, be it Inhabitant, Pirate, or Researcher, and make your destiny. Unveil the mystery of the planet... or create an easy life for yourself. It's all up to you. For in this world of Terrafel... you decide what to do with your life.

Style of GMing: Strict, yet loose. I give you the freedoms to help develop the world you live in, but on the other hand, there are certain plot implements I won't let you interfere with, as it would disrupt the game. I try to be as fair as possible, however. happy.gif

See you around...
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Posted: May 23 2005, 12:07 AM
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3400 non-Central posts!

Group: Active Members
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QUOTE (Falgor the Half Demon @ May 18 2005, 02:36 AM)
and I'm looking for a GOOD GM who'll help, not someone who wants to suck up.

I would be willing either to co-GM, or to usurp your control if you dissappear.

Hello there. I can see that you would like to know who am, so I will begin by introducing myself. I am the Storyteller. Certainly I've been called other things in my life, but this seems to fit better than any other I've yet to hear. Yes, I know I look familiar to you. Maybe you have seen me before, sometime, somewhere. But no, you do not know me. Suffice it to say that I've been watching you for quite some time.

Now, what would you say if I were to tell you with a great deal of certainty that there were indeed other realities? I won't go into the details about this - truthfully, I'm not entirely sure how it works myself - but I can say for a fact that they do exist.
Now imagine, if you will, a world much like your own. The sun shines in the sky, the moon circles Earth, the tide rises and falls, and life continues much as it might here. There is, really, only one difference between these two worlds. In that world, the human subspecies with supernatural powers, colloquially known as 'Mutants' in the media, does not exist.

What? No no, don't misunderstand. You're still very much in your home reality. The only reason I tell you of this alternate world is to emphasize the fact that your powers are indeed a very special thing. Not everyone has them.

Yes, your powers. It's time for you to wake up, now, time to face a new day just like any other. Like any other, with just one difference...

Title: Of Mutants And Men (disc)
Genre: Superhero/Modern
Currently Joined:
Camala, Lancier, lunatix, Elcampbello, Dukat, Matev Kenas, Hell Wrath, katanacowboy777, RavenxDrake, <3
DolceVita, Ratpack Fiend, Ayane112, and SilverSeraph
Technology: Next year
Superpowers: ~Marvel universe level
Powers of the world:
Who you are: You are newly manifested mutants, still coming to terms with a life enhanced by your new powers.
GM: ShadowForm, naturally.

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Katana Cowboy
Posted: May 23 2005, 11:10 PM
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Title: Pirates
Chapters: Zero, as of yet.
Start Date: None.
Currently Active Players: None.

Genre: Swashbuckling Adventure Fun!
Mood: Scary/Lighthearted. I'm hoping for Pirates of the Caribbean here.
Power Level: Combat-trained Sailors, mostly.

"Ay, me boy! Ye'll love it! Huntin' down scallawags, layin' down wenches, and chasin' down booty! There's no downside!"

And thus were many tricked into entering the world of piracy. The recruiters didn't explain the brutality, the long loneliness, or the danger. The babes and bucks were all they talked about. Some young lads joined and found they hated it, and soon left the business. Others couldn't leave. And others took to it like they were born to be pirates.


Oh, and by the way, no matter if Poke'mon in general sucks, the Poke'mon RP is just about the coolest thing since Poke'mon Snap. AND DO NOT TELL ME YOU DIDN'T LOVE IT BECAUSE THEN YOU ARE LYING!!


This post has been edited by katanacowboy777 on May 23 2005, 11:15 PM
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Posted: May 26 2005, 10:39 PM
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l33t One

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RP:Mt summer beach party, At the (temporary) Mt summer beach house
What:Free form RP.
special notes:Timestamped untill saturday(05/27/05, 10:00pm EST.); untill then it's a pre-party set up.

Promoting the Mt summer beach party thread. feel like a free form RP to relax from all the rule laden and story driven RP's you've done lately. Well come on over to the beach house and have some fun with your fellow forumites. development and set up till saturday.
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Posted: Jun 13 2005, 08:53 AM
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Name: For Sale!
Chapters: None
Start Date: N/A
Currently active players: Manual, I think.

Genre: Intergalactic Hitchhiking
Mood: Comedic/lighthearted
Power Level: Hitchhikers
The Discussion Thread!

This is one of many stories about a book. In fact, it's the most remarkable book to ever come out of the great publishing corporations of Ursa Minor. Not only it it a wholly remarkable book, it is also a highly successfull one-more popular than the Celestial Home Care Omnibus, better selling than Fifty three more things to do in zero gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Colluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters, Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, and Who Is This God Person Anyway? In many of the more relaxed civilizations on the outer eastern rim of the galaxy, the Hitchhiker's Guide has already supplanted the great Encyclopedia Galactica as the standard repository of all knoledge and wisdom, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly innaccurate, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects. First, it is slightly cheaper; and second, it has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on it's cover.

It is also the story of one of it's researchers, a band of comrades in hitchhiking, a mismatched and potentially disasterous romance, and real estate agents, which all begins on a beautifull ocean world of sprawling beaches, extensive archipelagos, and crystal clear water in the Orion Nebula.
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Posted: Jun 15 2005, 12:22 PM
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Well I am told that "Pimping" my game here might help me find the players I need.

It is called "The Rouge Trder Incident"

Here is the begining
The place: Tau/Imperial border
The time: Post Damocles Gulf War
The Plot: All inclusive Invite to any and All Mercs By Certain Rouge Traders:

Mercenaries needed for Item Reclamation, Search and Destroy, Sabotage, and Shipment Protection Duties. Hazardous Duty Pay plus benefits and supply. Must be willing to participate in Boarding actions and Long Distance Warp Travel. If Interested contact Reginald Spotswood, Rouge Trader.

I can Take 1-4 more players before I just say fuck it and start. happy.gif
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RPF Reborn
Posted: Jun 20 2005, 12:11 AM
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Name: Falcon City
Chapters: starting Chapter 1
Start Date: June 19th for the story

Currently Active Players:
Dr. Fugitive
Ratpack Fiend (obviously me)

Status: There are enough people now, but you can never have too many. wink.gif

Genre: Hero/Villain
Mood: Pretty much everything
Power Level: Based on inhuman Powers (superpowers)

Falcon City [story]

[disc] Falcon City

Short Description (Longer Description in the Disc Thread):
Falcon City is the home of havok, heroes, and villains. Become a hero or villain your choice and help protect the city you love or wish to take over by fighting off and killing the monster and things of the like that attack Falcon City. Any powers are allowed, as long as there are no repeats, also small minions are allowed for each hero/villain. The twist in the game is that each week (every Saturday), a name is drawn at random and killed, or leaves the city, or any other way of leaving. Once your char is dead or gone, you may pm me and post as monster and city threats as I am doing as the GM. I'm not an asshole GM, so I promise this won't suck.

More people would be cool!

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Posted: Jul 1 2005, 02:46 PM
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I'd like to take a short moment to pimp Manuals...

The Exchange

GM: Manual

Currently Active People:








Brief Description:

Think major politics, with dune-esque elements, hungry alien dragons, symbotic bacteria who specalize in nano-technology, human-hungry komonid, and... well, just read the intro post on the disc thread. Best of all, it's currently open for more players!

Genre: Sci Fi (space), light fantasty, politics.

Mood: Serious, but not dark. Light Humor.

Power level: This isn't an action thing. If there are fights... well, depends on who you are. Humans are going to get eaten alive (literally) by some races, but... in cases like that, you bring backup.
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Posted: Jul 9 2005, 12:48 AM
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Title: Empyrean Veil
Discussion Thread: Empyren Veil: Beyond the 7th Seal Lies Destiny
Chapters and History: This is the First Chapter of a New World
Start Date: Not Set, Actively Recruiting
Game Master: RavenxDrake, though I'm more of a Guide, really.

Genre: Modern Earth Fantasy (Or Theological Fiction, if you prefer)
Mood: Serious
Powerlevel: High (Somewhere just above The Prophesy, to ballpark it)

Behold, mate, tha earth.
Fair sorry li'l mudball, i'n it.
I'm Virgil, yer guide to tha seedier parts 'o tha city an' to tha depths o' tha human soul. Yer a good bloke, I c'n tell. But ye'll need more than good looks an' a quick righ' hook. Well, yes, tha whole 'lobbing ruddy gread bits o' flaming death' helps, mate, but it's nae tha simple. There's more to what's goin' on than even you can deal with.
See, mate, you're wha' we call a Nerf... bit of a joke, really. Yer actually a Nephilim, bairn of a normal an' an etherial. Tha' means you've got whole "Phenominal Cosmic Power" thing goin' fer ya, which is a plus no matter how you look at it.
But... Ye've been flashy of late, mate. Sure it's great, hop through walls, peek in the ladies lou, that sort of thing. But ye've got to be careful. Cause we're not supposed to let the materials know abou' us. We're supposed to play it cool see.
No, actually, I don' think ye ken what I'm saying, see, cause I'm nae askin', mate. I'm tellin'. It's a long night ahead, and you don' want ter be makin' enemies this early in the game.
Ha ha, that's the ticket, me bucko. It's nice to see a man wi' a good head on his shoulders... So, let me be yer guide... Cause tonight, Sin is In. And so we begin...

Here is the earth, much as you know it. And here is New Arcadia, a city much like any other in the Middle of America. And here's the secret. Played out behind a Veil of secrecy, a veil that hides the truth from mortal eyes, the Etherial forces vie for the souls of men. The Elohim, heavenly agents of redemption, seek to preserve the Freedom of men, and to interceed on thier behaf against the forces of hell. The Daeva, ancestral tempters of man and demonic spawn, endeavour to drive mankind to it's darkest, reveling in each soul they bring to thier master's aid.

Here, in the Confines of New Arcadia, the battle for all mankind plays out amoung the very mortals it concearns, blissfully unaware of that thier Souls hang in the balance of a war they know nothing about.

The Veil of the Empyrean is parting...
Will you step through?
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Posted: Jul 9 2005, 08:13 PM
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Philosopher Koala

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Well, I decided that this would be a good place to advertise, so here's my advertisement. smile.gif

Title: Redemption Is A Choice

Discussion Thread: Click this!

Start Date: Not defined yet, still recruiting

GM: Me! (Marrowmeld)

Genre: Fantasy/survival/action

Mood: Serious, but with opportunities for comic relief

Committed Players:
Outlaw JT

Awaiting Characters From:

Power Level: Medium, most characters would be able to handle themselves fairly well in a one-on-one or two-on-one fight, but if there were to face a squad of well-trained soldiers, the soldiers would definitely win

Short Description: Imagine that the world's problems had just escalated to dire proportions and things were not looking too good. All of a sudden nuclear missiles are flying across the world and panic hits the streets. In the face of this impending disaster you decide to face your fate on your feet with dignity. Or maybe you don't. The next thing you know, you're quickly losing consciousness. Then everything goes black.

When you wake up, you find yourself face first on a forested floor. Standing up, you find yourself surrounded by at least a hundred people who in turn are circled by a group of men and women in robes. You begin to wonder where you are. Are you dead? You don't feel dead. A woman walks forward and begins to talk. You have no idea what she's saying and it doesn't sound even similar to anything you've ever heard. You have found yourself in the world of Menoria.

This RP takes places 20 years after the arrival of the Earth Humans. The Earth Humans have all been slowly losing contact with eachother, it is now at the point where any given Earth Human only knows where a handful of other Earth Humans are. In essence, if something happened to a hundred of the other Earth Humans, the rest still would not know. All the remaining Earth Humans have been called to the Menorian capital, Galladel, to meet with the Council. Many things have happened and it is time for the Earth Humans to learn about them.

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Posted: Jul 13 2005, 10:13 PM
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l33t One

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Here's my newest game for the racks around here.

GM: Tormetned_Soul

Title: The Better Mouse Trap[disc/rec] and [story]

Chapters: 1] Forest of Raiders

Start Date: July 13, 2005

Currently Active Players: ZakDelaO, Phagin, redemptionofsouls, Morbidicum, (and the possible players: SilverSheraph, SalusSpade_PPAS, and Marrowmeld)

Genre: Fantasy, D&D based.

Mood: generally it will have a dark mood to it, but will have periods of light hearted rejoicing.

Power Level: well this is D&D, so he character will start out just a little stronger than average people, but will grow in power as things progress.

Overview: It is starting out with pest control, and milder themes, but can extend to overthrowing the corrupt government, or starting wars, or climbing the social ladder to take a strangle hold on the kingdom of Liethnaught. It is really up to the decisions of the players as to what goes on in the game. I have the background plot in mind, and working cleanly, but the players can change things in time.

History: It has just started today.

Current Status: It just started today.
Posted: Jul 21 2005, 09:55 AM
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I think it would be a good idea to pimp my RPG here since it already sunk into the 2nd page the first day I created the disc thread.

GM: Ryth
Title: Kay’goss
Start Date: Not yet, waiting for people to get hooked at the recruiting thread.
Currently Active Players: None even interested yet.
Genre: Sci-fi warfare with a supernatural element (not quite fantasy).
Mood: May became an amalgamation of serious, dramatic and comedic (or at least lighthearted). I plan it perhaps to be a little slow in intervals between battles to encourage character development.
Power Level: Special Forces soldiers possessing near superheroish abilities.
Description: As I posted in the disc/rec thread:
This is a sci-fi warfare RPG set in a quasi-fantasy world setting with opposing forces each possessing certain supernatural powers. You will take the role of one (or possibly more) representative(s) of a race and battle against your enemy. At first I, the GM, will give missions to each opposing force and join in with a character or more to guide you through. However, as the plot progresses, I look forward to give space to each of your characters for their own personal storylines that will go parallel with the main one.

The discussion thread also includes an intro.

It’s not all done yet and perhaps by the look of the thread’s 1st post I may not seem like such a good writer but I would like to say that, if people do get interested, I am ready to dedicate myself on developing and guiding this RPG till the very end of the story.
And I already stated various reasons why I didn’t include all the information to the thread yet, so all I got left to say is that, if it doesn’t get appreciated by enough people, I guess all I’m currently writing for it won’t be worth the effort at all, so please give it a shot and at least read it through.
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Posted: Jul 23 2005, 01:40 PM
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This is my third attempt of getting an RP started here, and I just got the story thread up.


Ahem, anyways.

DM: DragonMan.
Title: The Mansion
Story start date: Today
Active players: None currently, the story thread just started.
Genra: Horror
Style: Weird-shit-happening scary, slowly escalating into "get-me-the-fuck-out-of-here".
Power level: Unrealized powers becoming blatantly obvios, so scaling.
Description: People, who are broke, get invites to a study going on in a 16th century mansion. The problem is: the House is huanted.
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